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Today Sam Clovis has withdrawn himself from consideration for the post of Under Secretary for Research, Education and Economics at the Department of Agriculture. In response, Brant Olson with released the following statement:


“Sam Clovis was not only woefully unqualified for the position he was nominated to fill, he was dangerous for it. Clovis is a tool of the fossil fuel industry with extreme and divisive views, and as recent reports suggest, a friend to a combative foreign government as well. His nomination was emblematic of an entire administration hell bent on inserting corporate puppets and climate change deniers into critical positions in order to cast a lifeline to a failing fossil fuel industry. Our country and our climate are better off with Clovis out of the running. We will keep resisting Clovis’s continuing work for the agency, and any new nominations that put our communities and our climate at risk. Our country needs qualified candidates who honor the missions of their respective agencies and put the health and safety of the American people ahead of polluter interests and industry profits.”




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